Easy to use. Built to last.

With smart features such as integrated magnets, single-handed lever operation and powerful clamping force, the Eleiko Öppen Collars are easy to store and use. Being magnetic, users can stick the collars on stands, racks and benches for easy accessibility. The rubber interface offers a secure grip and absorbs shock when the barbell is dropped so plates stay in place.

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At the forefront of innovation

For 60 years, Eleiko has created strength products that push the boundaries of performance, set new standards in quality and durability, and unlock human potential. The Öppen Collars have won Red Dot Award and iF DESIGN AWARD 2021, two world's most important design prizes and an internationally recognized seal of quality. We met with Björn Welde, Product Development Manager at Eleiko, to discuss collar functionality, where the name ”Öppen” really comes from and why the lifter is at the core of Eleiko’s design philosophy.

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"At Eleiko, the user is at the heart of everything we do. With the Öppen Collars, we boiled it down to the essentials - do collars actually need to be full circle to fulfil their intended function? ”Öppen” is the Swedish word for open, and just as with our Öppen Deadlift Bar, our human-centric approach really illustrates our design philosophy - creating innovative products that make a difference and open up the possibilities for better weightlifting."

- Björn Welde, Product Development Manager at Eleiko 

Tried, tested, and quality approved

Quality is a guiding factor in all our decisions, from the materials we use to how they are combined and packaged into a finished product. The aluminium casing, NBR rubber and internal components are fully recyclable, making the Öppen Collars a conscious choice that minimizes environmental impact. Thoroughly tested with drop tests and opening/closing lever tests, the Öppen Collars are made to last.