Performance Liquid Chalk, 60 ml

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The science of better grip

Double moisture absorption to enhance performance

A scientifically engineered grip, the Eleiko Performance Liquid Chalk contains sports grade Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate engineered to provide superior grip. With its large surface area and high pore volume, Upsalite absorbs 10 times more moisture than regular magnesium carbonate increasing friction and grip on the bar. The alcohol base evaporates quickly leaving an even coverage with less mess and residue on equipment - a cleaner, longer-lasting grip.

Designed For

Enhanced grip while lifting

Scientifically Engineered

Contains sports grade Upsalite engineered for enhanced grip

Long-lasting Grip

Lasts longer before needing re-application

User friendly and safe

Quick-dry, easy application that dusts less and leaves no sticky residue

Double Moisture Absorption

Absorbs twice the moisture compared to regular liquid chalk


Unit of measurement

Sold individually

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115 mm / 4.53 in.


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