Eleiko Group Training Bar — 7 kg

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Group Strength Training

Lighter Shorter Bars for Close Quarters and Group Settings

This bar is lighter in weight, features a 25 mm diameter and shorter in length compared to our standard weightlifting and powerlifting bars. The length is ideal for training in close quarters, while the lower weight makes it ideal for lighter weight, high repetition sessions or technique training. These specifications make the bar a great choice for gym and fitness settings for use in group exercise classes, small group training sessions or studios and any training areas where space is more limited.


1.2 Knurling

180 mm Loadable Sleeve

7 Kg

25 mm

Designed For

Group strength training and developing technique

Lighter Weight

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and developing skill

Shorter Length

Ideal for group strength training where space is limited


Balanced grip to ensure a secure hold on the bar

Grip Markings

Provide a reference point for suggested hand placement


Unit of measurement

Sold individually

Article code



1560 mm / 61.42 in.


7 kg / 15.43 lbs


2 years

Bar Length Between Sleeves

1180 mm / 46.46 in.

Max Load

50 kg / 110,23 lbs

Loadable Sleeve Length

180 mm / 7.09 in.

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