Eleiko Vulcano Fixed Weight Barbells — KG

$180.00 /pcs
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Sold individually

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1260 mm / 49.61 in.


12,5 kg / 27.56 lbs


2 years



Grab & Go Strength

Easily Strength Train with a Variety of Weights and Exercises

A set of fixed weight barbells provide a convenient way to quickly add resistance and load a wide variety of exercises from curls to presses, good mornings and lunges. Constructed with knurled chrome bars and polyurethane coated metal cores, the fixed weight barbells range from 10 kg to 50 kg (20-110 lbs) allowing lifters to find a weight that is right for their needs. The smaller profile of the fixed barbell allows you to easily navigate tight free weight areas and gym spaces.

Designed For

Free weight strength training

Quality Materials

Quality polyurethane is durable, crack resistant and odour free

User Friendly

Clearly printed numbers and well-spaced weight increments


Firm ergonomic comfortable grip

Decidedly Durable

Bars are galvanised for light rust protection

Quality Construction Staying true to our commitment to quality and durability, we selected high-quality moulded polyurethane for the Vulcano School Barbells. The material is stronger than conventional rubber typically used while also minimising cracks and breaks, it is also gently on your floors and produces far less odour.

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