Make people stronger so they can perform better in sports and in life

Our Mission

Raising the bar since 1957

Our Story


Building on 60 years of expertise, Eleiko designs and manufactures best-in-class strength products for the world’s leading competitions, training facilities and home gyms. Based in Sweden, Eleiko is well known in professional communities for its equipment quality and performance. It is chosen by those with an appreciation for a high standard of care, those seeking a well-designed, premium solution that will last a lifetime.   

A family-owned and operated company, we source and select only the best materials and components to produce products of the finest quality. Precision engineering, along with Swedish materials and manufacturing with tight tolerances, guarantee unparalleled product durability and longevity.  

We deliver the ultimate lifting experience by keeping the human being at the core of our design and development process. Our product performance is verified by our leading position as a supplier to five Olympic Games and 40+ World Championships. Our design expertise and innovation are recognised by leading institutions, with recent product innovations earning the 2020 RedDot Product Design Awards and FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2020. In addition to this, our products can be found leading the way in luxury gyms and health clubs around the world.

At Eleiko we work to have a positive impact on our industry, but also on the communities and customers we serve. Our sustainability initiatives, ISO 14001 certification and UN Global Compact participation, coupled with our emphasis on durable design, eco-materials and ultra-clean green steel represent our commitment to our mission of building a stronger world. 

In 1957 we set out to create the world’s best barbell. With six decades of innovation behind us and more than 1,000 athlete world records, Eleiko remains the choice of champions and passionate lifters around the world – a growing community of individuals who believe that being strong is essential to living life to the fullest.   

The Eleiko collection spans our world-famous barbells to bespoke rigs and silent platforms, discs, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more – all the essentials you need to train and raise the bar at home.



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